Tuesday, 24 February 2015

First Whanau Meeting

Today takahe group met in Rata for the first time! Our Whanau group will be walking with us down to the picnic on Thursday. Check your communication book for which whanau group is yours, and which colours you should wear for our picnic!

Super Star Marissa: Photographer of the Day

Construction in Kauri block!

Blogging with Reading Buddies

 We get bean bags for reading in Rata we think it's awesome .

 Fun mini bars to do flips on and have fun with .
Back to school with our new bags .

Monday, 16 February 2015

Starting Maths!

Last week we began focussing on recognising numbers (the word, the symbol, and the image) and counting. We did some fun counting and colouring activities, used number fans, and played some fun games! We're looking to doing some more fun maths activities this week too.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Preparing for our Pōwhiri

This Wednesday, February 18th, Papakowhai School will welcome the new students, teachers, and families in a pōwhiri at 9:00am. As manuhiri, we will be singing this beautiful waiata:

While we will be practising regularly at school, it would be great to try it at home as well. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Whiteboards for Better Printing!

After our writing time, we like to use the whiteboards to independently practice printing, draw pictures, and practice tracing activities. These are great for improving our writing! Here's a few snap from last week.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Reading Buddies

In Rata 4, we spend lots of time looking at and talking about books. On Tuesday mornings, Mrs. Powell's year 7 class visits us for reading buddies. It was a lot of fun and is a great opportunity for both classes to learn! We also enjoy having time to explore the books on our own or with a friend.

Friday, 13 February 2015

MOOT Fridays

On Fridays, Rata runs a bit differently. We spend time singing the Letterland song, do some lovely art (I'll post some of this soon!), and get to Manage Our Own Time (MOOT) by choosing activities that interest us, such as block building, water play, iPad games, shop, or dress up. Here are some lovely photos of the kids MOOT last Friday.

Friday, 6 February 2015


Kia ora and welcome to Rata Whā!

It was an exciting time at Papakowhai School this week. We're spending some time getting to know each other, exploring about our class and the school, and learning what we need to do be safe when we learn and play. Here are some snapshots of our first days together.

Allan at morning tea
Rhoswen at morning tea

Amandeep at morning tea

Sienna at morning tea

Lauren at morning tea

Touring the school
Touring the school grounds
Marissa enjoying our school tour

Rhoswen during our buzz groups

Allan having a run during our school tour
Learning about being sun smart
Allan starting his Sun Smart t-shirt

Rhoswen starting his Sun Smart t-shirt

Sienna starting his Sun Smart t-shirt

Marissa starting his Sun Smart t-shirt

Lunch and silent reading time
Marissa enjoying lunch time

Rhoswen and Lauren sharing a book during silent reading time 
Amandeep enjoying a book during silent reading time

Allan getting cozy with a book

Day two: a visit from Mr. Smith and buzz groups on how to be sun smart
Rhoswen enjoying a visit from Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith visit Rata!

Mrs. Powell helping a buzz group think about being sun smart

Buzz groups sharing their ideas about being sun smart

Lucas visiting with his grandmother before his first day next week!

Getting into maths counting out crocodile teeth!
Amandeep and Rhoswen counting out some crocodile teeth

Lauren and Sienna filled up the whole mouth!

Allan and Marissa counting crocodile teeth!

We're very excited to continue our learning next week and have a lot of fun!

Best wishes!
- Miss G.